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    Why I disagree with the Cease Fire

    The August Cease fire called between Israel and Hezbollah (and honestly Iranian) forces is troubling for many reasons.  Obviously, to prevent the loss of life (especially civilian) is a positive thing; however, in this case it appears to be more of a delaying tactic.  This conflict has been brewing for decades and will not end because of a brief treaty that the United States helped orchestrate.  Unfortunately, we have led ourselves and our allies in the Middle East into a perceptually peaceful state of appeasement, one that will be responded to with increased aggression and ghastly consequences.  Let me explain why I feel that way.

    The primary issue I have with the cease fire is that it was signed by ineligible parties.  Israel representing a real interest has signed or agreed to on one side, but who is the other interested party?  Hezbollah is not a recognized state and therefore cannot come to agreement on peace terms.  Lebanon supposedly does not endorse Hezbollah (although, in their Democratic environment they have 12 Hezbollah leaders in their cabinet) nor recognize their group as an independent state.  In addition, they do not “approve” of the actions of Hezbollah.  So who can sign the cease fire (legally) as an opponent of Israel?  This would be like allowing non-gang member citizens of South Los Angeles to sign a truce between the gangs and the police. 

    While Hezbollah may claim to respect the cease fire, it is only an opportunity to claim victory and refresh their soldiers.

    Who is Hezbollah exactly?

    The history of Hezbollah begins with the 1982 occupation of Beirut and southern Lebanon by Israel. Israel had moved into Lebanon in an effort to control terrorists from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) who had settled there and were carrying out attacks on Israel. In response Shi’ite Muslims with the assistance of Iranian Revolutionary Guards formed Hezbollah to combat the Israeli presence, and ultimately to assist the Palestinians in their fight for statehood.

    Since being recognized as a “political group,” it has been implicated in terrorist actions targeting Americans, Jews and Israelis around the world.  The largest and most damaging of which were;

    * July 18, 1994: Suicide bombing of AMIA Jewish Center in Argentina: 87 killed, 300 injured.
    * March 17, 1992: Suicide bombing of Israeli Embassy in Argentina: 29 killed, over 250 injured.
    * October 23, 1983: Suicide bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut: 241 marines killed.

    Hezbollah was founded by Ali Akbar Motashemi and their structure is that of a Militant Islamic Fundamentalism organization.  Their goals are the complete destruction of Israel as well as the establishment of an Islamic state in Lebanon and expansion over Israel.  Also, keep in mind that the group was formed by the Iranians under the guidance of the Ayatollah Khomeini (the most powerful terrorist in the world).  The same man who overthrew the reasonably led government of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran.  Of course, Jimmy Carter allowed that to happen.
    Their biggest claim to fame is that they pioneered the use of suicide bombings in the Mideast that have maimed or killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Plus they conduct some great paramilitary operations against civilian and military targets.  Just a group of good people.

    The United States is not too fond of Hezbollah either.  Prior to September 11, we held Hezbollah responsible for more deaths of Americans than any other terrorist organization.  In December of 2004, the United States designated Hezbollah’s satellite TV station, Al Manar, a terrorist ran station and placed it on our Terrorism Exclusion List. 

    Prior to that, Hezbollah was responsible for killing American Charles Hegna during a 1984 Hijacking of a Kuwaiti Airlines Flight.  They have also claimed responsibility for the detonation of a tanker truck filled with explosives outside of the Khobar Towers complex in Dahrahn, Saudi Arabia on June 25, 1996.  Over 19 American serviceman were killed and 370 American and Saudi citizens were severly injured.  This is in addition to the major attacks I listed above.

    They are not only active in Israel and the Middle East.  Hezbollah is believed to be in our backyard.  The FBI believes that they maintain a network of Sleeper Cells in the United States and in September 2003, U.S Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage testified before Congress that they were able to coordinate attacks on the same level as Al Qaeda.  That same year, the FBI uncovered a cell in Charlotte, NC that was raising funds to purchase night-vision goggles, GPS systems, stun guns, naval equipment, nitrogen cutters and laser range finders.  Make no mistake, these people are terrorists.

    It was their actions that led to this conflict in the first place.  On July 12, Hezbollah guerrillas captured two Israeli soldiers in a raid into northern Israel.  They started this war, but it wasn’t the first time.
    In addition, to my lack of understanding as to who this peace settlement is between, I have my doubts as to how long it can possibly last.  Hezbollah has already broken the cease fire by fire rockets and attacking Israeli Defense Forces, after the proclaimed cease.  They are motivating their people by celebrating the defeat of Israel.  In fact, in Iran, thousands have came out into the streets victoriously shouting victory as you can see here.

    This stall in fighting will only embolden the extreme Islamic fundamentalists to take further actions.  They consider Israel and the U.S as downtrodden and defeatable.  We can expect a new series of attacks on Israeli forces and civilians as well as renewed attacks on U.S and other Western interests. 

    Unfortunately, the U.S helped broker this deal.  Personally, I think it was the worst thing for us to do.  We should have allowed Israel to continue purging the scum of Hezbollah from Lebanon.  Instead, we have made them stronger and as a result, the Western World will pay for it.

    Of course we can always look at the success of the other peace agreements;

    * Paris Peace Conference, 1919
    * Faisal-Weizmann Agreement (1919)
    * 1949 Armistice Agreements
    * Camp David Accords (1978)
    * Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty (1979)
    * Madrid Conference of 1991
    * Oslo Accords (1993)
    * Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace (1994)
    * Camp David 2000 Summit
    * Peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    * Projects
    * List of Middle East peace proposals
    * International law and the Arab-Israeli conflict

    They have seemed to work.  At least for a few minutes.

    I was hoping to write more, but I am out of time.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.

    Tuesday 08.15.2006 • 11:02 AM

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    November 7, 2006 California Initiatives Announced

    Transportation Investment Fund
    Prop 1A

    Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, Port Security Bond Act of 2006
    Prop 1B

    Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006.
    Prop 1C

    Education facilities:  Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2006.
    Prop 1D

    Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention Bond Act of 2006.
    Prop 1D

    Sex Offenders. Sexually Violent Predators. Punishment, Residence Restrictions and Monitoring. Initiative Statute.
    Prop. 83 Jessica’s Law

    Increases penalties for violent and habitual sex offenders and child molesters. Prohibits registered sex offenders from residing within 2,000 feet of any school or park, and requires lifetime Global Positioning System monitoring of felony registered sex offenders. Expands the definition of a sexually violent predator, and changes the current two-year involuntary civil commitment for a sexually violent predator to an indeterminate commitment, subject to annual review by the Director of Mental Health and petition by the sexually violent predator for conditional release or unconditional discharge. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Unknown net costs to the state, within a few years, potentially in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually due primarily to increased state prison, parole supervision, and mental health program costs. These costs would grow significantly in the long term. Potential one-time state capital outlay costs, within a few years, in the low hundreds of millions of dollars for construction of additional state mental hospital and prison beds. Unknown but potentially significant net operating costs or savings to counties for jail, probation supervision, district attorneys, and public defenders. The portion of costs related to changes in the Sexual Violent Predators program would be reimbursed by the state.

    Water Quality, Safety and Supply. Flood Control. Natural Resource Protection. Park Improvements. Bonds. Initiative Statute.
    Prop 84

    Authorizes $5,388,000,000 in general obligation bonds, payable from the state’s General Fund, to fund projects relating to safe drinking water, water quality and supply, flood control, waterway and natural resource protection, water pollution and contamination control, state and local park improvements, public access to natural resources, and conservation efforts. Provides funding for emergency drinking water, and exempts such expenditures from public contract and procurement requirements to ensure immediate action for public safety. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: State cost of about $10.5 billion over 30 years to pay off both the principal ($5.4 billion) and interest ($5.1 billion) costs on the bonds. Payments of about $350 million per year. Reduction in local property tax revenues of several million dollars annually, about one-half of which would be offset by state payments to schools to make up their revenue loss. Unknown costs, potentially tens of millions of dollars per year, to state and local governments to operate or maintain properties or projects acquired or developed with these bond funds. ()

    Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
    Prop 85 - Parent’s Right To Know

    Amends California Constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated minor until 48 hours after physician notifies minor’s parent or legal guardian, except in medical emergency or with parental waiver. Permits minor to obtain court order waiving notice based on clear and convincing evidence of minor’s maturity or best interests. Mandates various reporting requirements, including reports from physicians regarding abortions performed on minors. Authorizes monetary damages against physicians for violation. Requires minor’s consent to abortion, with certain exceptions. Permits judicial relief if minor’s consent coerced. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Potential unknown net state costs of several million dollars annually for health and social services programs, court administration, and state health agency administration combined. (SA2005RF0132, Amdt. #1-S)

    Tax on Cigarettes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
    Prop 86

    Imposes additional 13 cent tax on each cigarette distributed ($2.60 per pack), and indirectly increases tax on other tobacco products. Provides funding to qualified hospitals for emergency services, nursing education and health insurance to eligible children. Revenue also allocated to specified purposes including tobacco use prevention programs, enforcement of tobacco-related laws, and research, prevention and treatment of various conditions including cancers (breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal), heart disease, stroke, asthma and obesity. Exempts recipient hospitals from antitrust laws in certain circumstances. Revenue excluded from appropriation limits and Proposition 98 calculations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Increase in new state tobacco tax revenues of about $2.1 billion annually by 2007-08, declining slightly annually thereafter. Those revenues would be used for various health and tobacco-related programs and for children’s health coverage. Unknown net state costs potentially reaching the low hundreds of millions annually after a few years due to provisions for streamlining enrollment in the Medi-Cal and HFP. Unknown but potentially significant savings to counties on a statewide basis beginning in the near term for a shift of children from county health coverage to HFP, with unknown but potentially significant costs to the state in the long term for ongoing support of expanded HFP enrollment. Unknown but potentially significant savings in state and local government public health care costs over time due to expected reduction in consumption of tobacco products and due to other factors. (SA2005RF0139, Amdt. #1-NS.)

    Alternative Energy. Research, Production, Incentives. Tax on California Oil. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
    Prop. 87

    Establishes $4 billion program to reduce oil and gasoline usage by 25%, with research and production incentives for alternative energy, alternative energy vehicles, energy efficient technologies, and for education and training. Funded by tax of 1.5% to 6%, depending on oil price per barrel, on producers of oil extracted in California. Prohibits producers from passing tax on to consumers. Program administered by California Energy Alternatives Program Authority. Prohibits changing tax while indebtedness remains. Revenues excluded from Proposition 98 calculations and appropriation limits. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: New state revenues annually – depending on the interpretation of the measure’s tax rate provisions – of either about $200 million or about $380 million from the imposition of a severance tax on oil production, to be used to fund a variety of new alternative energy programs. Reductions of unknown amounts in: local revenues from property taxes paid on oil reserves, potentially partially offset by state payments to schools to make up their revenue loss; state revenues from income taxes paid by oil producers; and, potentially, state and local revenues from gasoline and diesel excise and sales taxes. (SA2005RF138, Amdt. #2-S.)

    Education Funding. Real Property Parcel Tax. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
    Prop 88

    Provides additional public school funding for kindergarten through grade 12 by imposing a $50 tax on each real property parcel; exempts certain elderly and disabled homeowners. Funds must be used for class size reduction, textbooks, school safety, Academic Success facility grants, and a data system to evaluate educational program effectiveness. Provides for reimbursement to government entities to offset anticipated decrease in other tax revenue. Prohibits fund use for school administrative overhead. Requires school district audits and penalties for fund misuse. Excludes funds from Proposition 98 calculations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Annual revenue of up to $500 million from a new, statewide parcel tax with the revenue dedicated to specific K-12 education programs (such as class size reduction, instructional materials, school safety, and facility grants). (SA2005RF0126.)

    Political Campaigns. Public Financing. Corporate Tax Increase. Contribution and Expenditure Limits. Initiative Statute.
    Prop 89

    Provides that candidates for state elective office meeting certain eligibility requirements, including collection of a specified number of $5.00 contributions from voters, may voluntarily receive public campaign funding from the Fair Political Practices Commission, in amounts varying by elective office and type of election. Increases income tax rate on corporations and financial institutions by 0.2 percent to fund program. Imposes new limits on campaign contributions to state-office candidates and campaign committees, and new restrictions on contributions and expenditures by lobbyists and corporations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Increased revenues (primarily from increased taxes on corporations and financial institutions) totaling more than $200 million annually to pay for the public financing of political campaigns for state elected offices. (SA2006RF0015.)

    Government Acquisition, Regulation of Private Property. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
    Prop 90

    Bars state and local governments from condemning or damaging private property to promote other private projects, uses. Limits government’s authority to adopt certain land use, housing, consumer, environmental and workplace laws and regulations, except when necessary to preserve public health or safety. Voids unpublished eminent domain court decisions. Defines “just compensation.” Government must occupy condemned property or lease property for public use. Condemned private property must be offered for resale to prior owner or owner’s heir at current fair market value if government abandons condemnation’s objective. Exempts certain governmental actions. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Unknown, but potentially significant major future costs for state and local governments to pay damages and/or modify regulatory or other policies to conform to the measure’s provisions. Unknown, potentially major changes in governmental costs to acquire property for public purposes. (SA2005RF0146.)

    Thursday 07.06.2006 • 12:36 AM

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    ACLU endorses more BS

    Via BP News

    A new congressional effort to police advertising by crisis pregnancy centers is unnecessary, pro-life advocates said, and unconstitutional, free-speech defenders charged.

    The American Civil Liberties Union, which has long promoted itself as the leading defender of freedom of speech and civil rights, is right in the middle of the controversy, promoting the new legislation to the surprise of some.

    However, this is not suprising to us at all.  The ACLU have a long history of being selective in defending free speech, especially when it comes to pro-lifers.  Besides, defending the first amendment is only third on the ACLU’s list of priorities, abortion is their number one priority.

    Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, introduced March 30 the Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women’s Services Act (SDAWS), which calls on the Federal Trade Commission to bar organizations from advertising that they provide abortion services when they do not. Just 12 House of Representatives members have cosponsored Maloney’s bill, but leading abortion rights organizations, including NARAL Pro-choice America and the National Abortion Federation, are behind it.

    The ACLU also endorsed it, and that stunned some who have defended the organization’s work in the past.

    “[W]hat about the First Amendment?” asked Nat Hentoff, a syndicated columnist and a former ACLU board member, according to The New York Sun. “When you have the state, with its power, deciding what is deceptive on something as thoroughly controversial as this, it goes against the very core, it seems to me, of the First Amendment.”

    Hentoff called the ACLU endorsement “a really extraordinary mistake.” The ACLU advocacy for abortion rights has eclipsed its support for free speech, he told The Sun. “It’s the problem the ACLU has had for years,” Hentoff said.

    And its not likely to change anytime soon.  After all, some of the ACLU’s most lucrative donations are from pro-abortion groups.  Its a much more profitable business than milking taxpayers over prayer and such.  It is a $90 billion dollar industry.  No wonder the ACLU thinks teaching abstinence is harmful. Its harmful to their pocketbook.

    The proposal is unneeded, representatives of crisis pregnancy centers said.

    “This legislation is unnecessary, as it aims to cure an ill that doesn’t exist,” Care Net President Kurt Entsminger said in a written release. Care Net is a nationwide network of about 900 evangelical Christian, pregnancy help centers. “This is nothing more than a routine attack on pregnancy centers by organizations seeking to limit their competition. We find it particularly curious that in her announcement Rep. Maloney did not cite one example of a pregnancy center that is engaging in deceptive advertising.”

    Tom Glessner, president of the National Institute of Family Life Advocates (NIFLA), said in a written statement that crisis pregnancy centers “are providing accurate, truthful and complete information to empower women to choose life. The only fraudulent activity in this area comes from those in the abortion industry who want to withhold truthful information from abortion-vulnerable women."

    Amen to that!  I’ve always thought abortion advocates were the ones that were deceptively named.  Planned Parenthood?  How deceptive is that?  It has absolutely nothing to do with parenthood, or planning.  Here is the straight talk on the deceptive business of abortion.

    So-called “counseling” in Planned Parenthood clinics is really marketing, providing few facts and is heavily biased in favor of abortion.25

    - Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) was started by a racist, Margaret Sanger, who drew upon writings from socialists and eugenicists. She even published articles from Adolf Hitler’s director of eugenic sterilization, Ernst Rudin, and spawned “The Negro Project,” her strategy for eliminating the black population. In the last week of July 2002, a lawyer in Missouri filed a federal lawsuit against PFFA for their failure to fully inform women about abortion. The lawyer also agreed that PP is a racist organization that targets minority women.

    - “If a girl decides to carry her baby to term, ... clinics don’t make any money. They make money only if she has an abortion. So, inevitably, clinics put pressure on women to abort.”—Carol Everett, who once owned and operated four lucrative abortion clinics.

    - “Nita Whitten, who once worked in an abortion clinic, says she was trained by a professional marketing firm in how to sell abortion over the phone. The main tactic abortion clinics use is fear. The phone operator asks the girl how late her period is and then tells her, ‘You’re pregnant.’ Not ‘You might be pregnant,’ but ‘You are pregnant.’ When a girl calls, Nita says, the object is not to help her; it’s to ‘hook the sale.’”

    - After the abortion, the girl is given free birth-control pills since, on the pill, she’s more likely to be sexually active. But since young people often do not remember to take pills consistently, there’s a good chance the girl will return to the clinic pregnant again. As Carol Everett puts it, “birth control sells abortions. Abortion is a business. A big business that uses slick marketing tools.” read more

    In announcing the introduction of her bill, Maloney said in a written release that some crisis pregnancy centers “should be called ‘Counterfeit Pregnancy Centers.’ They have the right to exist, but they shouldn’t have the right to deceive in order to advance their particular beliefs.”

    Maloney’s bill is H.R. 5052. There is not a companion bill in the Senate.

    Counterfeit Pregnancy Centers?  This bill is garbage!  Can you imagine the reaction if we were to create legislation forcing abortion providers to label their places “Baby Killing shops?” I’m sure we all could come up with some creative ones.

    This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 180 blogs already on-board

    Thursday 04.06.2006 • 10:04 AM

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    The History Of St. Patrick's Day

    The Story of St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick, one of the most famous Catholic figures, is the patron saint of Ireland.  While many in the United States and throughout the world celebrate March 17 (actually the date of his death in the fifth century) with green clothing and green beer, most don’t understand why.  So here is my nickelodeon version of the story.  If you want more information, look it up or drop me a message.

    First, Patrick didn’t banish all of the snakes from Ireland.  He wasn’t the Pied Piper of Eire.  In fact, snakes probably didn’t even exist on the island considering its location and environment.

    Patrick was actually born in Britain to fairly well off parents towards the end of the fourth century.  Around the age of sixteen, Patrick was captured by a group of Irish raiders that had gone after his family farm.  From Britain he was taken as a slave to County Mayo, near Killala, Ireland (even though some say he was taken to Mount Slemish in County Antrim).  There, he remained in custody for six years where he worked in lonely fields as a shepherd. It is thought that it was during this time that he becomes a devout Catholic and decided to begin converting other Irish folks to Christianity; though that is questionable considering his fleeing to England. 

    After six years, Patrick reported that “God spoke to me in a dream and told me to leave Ireland.” He fled to Britain where he once again had a revelation.  He wrote that an Angel came to him in a dream and told him to return to Ireland to minister to the Pagans living there.  So it was at this point that Patrick chose to become a priest.

    From Britain, Patrick traveled to France where he spent 15+ years studying to become a priest and asking for forgiveness (He was a fairly bad boy as a youth and like me, had a lot of forgiveness to ask for).  In 432 A.D., after being ordained a priest, Patrick was sent to work with Bishop Palladius in Ireland.  Many people actually mix up St. Patrick and Bishop Palladius.  Palladius was actually sent by Pope Celestine to serve as the first Bishop of the Irish people and Patrick took his place when he died on a trip to Britain.

    At the time most Irish were pagans and had strong traditions in “praying” to their gods.  Instead of challenging all of their beliefs he actually incorporated their traditions into celebrating the life of Christ.  One major tool that he used was the superimposing of the sun (a major Irish symbol) onto the cross; thus, the creation of the Celtic crosses.

    The most famous symbol that Patrick used and what most remember him and Ireland for is the shamrock.  Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. 

    Supposedly, when Patrick was ministering to some Irish people, several people approached him and proclaimed that what he was saying was wrong.  They yelled “Your preaching is wrong. You tell us there is only one true God, and yet you speak of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. How can that be? You have three Gods, not one.” Patrick replied that there is one God in three.  To which they all admitted confusion.  So Patrick reached down to a patch of Shamrock on the ground, picked one leaf and asked them “How many leaves are there?” Some replied “three” while others said “one.” Patrick replied that both answers are right.  “The one divides into three; the three unite in one, and my God is three in one and one in three – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

    Patrick died on March 17, 460 and when the first list of Saints was produced by the Catholic Church, his name was on it. 

    Even though he wasn’t Irish he definitely played a major role in Irish History.  In fact, the Emerald Island may have gained its popularity from just him.

    Now the holiday we celebrate (the anniversary of his death) was actually a religious day in Ireland.  In fact pubs were actually closed on March 17th until 1995 when the Irish government decided that it would make for a great tourism gimmick.  The modern celebration actually seems to have started in the United States.  In 1962, Irish soldiers marched in the first known St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City and its popularity has grown ever since.

    Today people throughout the world have incorporated some crazy traditions including the pinching of someone not wearing green clothing and my favorite tradition, the drinking of green beer.  We also cook Corn Beef Brisket and Cabbage (in Ireland they have Irish Bacon and Cabbage) for dinner, even though there had to be an exception made to allow meat during the Catholic period of Lent.

    Tonight, when you hoist your mug of green beer in the air, remember why you are celebrating (even if just for the fact that we wouldn’t have a holiday if not for the story I just told you).  Some of you will be praying your everyday prayers and others will just be praying for the pain from your hangover to go away.  Remember to take a sober friend with you tonight to drive your drunken rear end home or at least have the number to a good cab company.  With St. Patrick’s Day being on a Friday there will be a lot of partying going on and I would hate the praying to come from your family over your casket.

    Today everyone is Irish (even though I am part Irish all the time) so enjoy it.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Friday 03.17.2006 • 10:36 AM

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    Whose Holiday Is It Anyway?

    Can any student properly identify the holiday that gave us Monday off? Odds are that the public has been too well-accustomed to the commercials and retail bargains to identify the occasion as President’s Day. Calendar-makers and hectic store shoppers will glow in disbelief when they learn the true holiday: Washington’s Birthday.

    George Washington was born on February 11, 1731 under the old Julian calendar system. Since the adoption of the current Gregorian calendar in 1752, Washington celebrated his birthday on February 22. The anniversary of Washington’s Birthday on February 22 was celebrated with great patriotic fervor since Chester Arthur established the federal holiday in 1885. President Arthur would be delighted to know that his presidency is shared alongside Washington and Lincoln with the modern “President’s Day.”

    President’s Day seems to be the all-inclusive holiday, embracing all forty-two Commanders in Chief into a three-day weekend. Accepting this theme, the History Channel aired “The Presidents,” highlighting such exceptional leaders as William Henry Harrison and Rutherford B. Hayes. Some states have viewed the date, fallaciously, as a combination of Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays. Our incredible system of federalism has even allowed for Alabama’s Washington-Jefferson Day, even though Jefferson was born in April!

    Nevertheless, confusion abounds due to a change intended to save taxpayer dollars. In 1968, Congress adopted the Uniform Holidays Bill, moving Washington’s Birthday to the third Monday in February. The first draft of the bill, renaming the occasion to the generic President’s Day, stalled in the House Judiciary Committee as being too controversial. The new date change has only ensured that Washington’s Birthday will always fall between February 15-21 and never on the General’s birthday!

    The misnomer “President’s Day” caught on as a marketing phenomena and was adopted as a state holiday by a dozen states, including California. This confusion does not even begin to resolve the differing names listed by the California Office of Personnel Management, which directs state workers, and the state EDD, which caters to the Golden State’s unemployed. On campus, the UCR Libraries, Executive Vice Chancellor, Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts, Housing Services, and the Academic Senate, all beneficiaries of federal dollars, publicly list the day off as President’s Day. It took noticing that George Washington University, named after the man, listed the upcoming holiday as President’s Day to truly astound me!

    Without George Washington’s role in the development of our nation, it is clear that we would not have the institution of the presidency to later commemorate in the misnamed President’s Day. General Washington, by law recognized as the highest general in the military, led the ragtag militias to secure independence from the world’s greatest military power. It was Washington’s resolve and strict discipline that enabled the units to survive the brutal winter at Valley Forge. We can only imagine the renewed focus that came out of Washington leading his men into prayer in the Pennsylvania forest, spoiled by only the bloody footprints of a weary band of patriots.

    Among many achievements, Washington served as the president of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. In his role as the Chair of the Constitutional Convention, Washington presided over the spirit of compromise that hammered together the world’s longest-serving written constitution. Only two years later, Washington would become the only unanimously-elected President, a feat repeated in 1792. President Washington’s integrity restrained him from becoming an American monarch, allowing a peaceful transition of power upon his retirement at the rustic Mount Vernon. He also had the distinguished dignity of liberating his slaves upon his death, a fact buried by the educators that preach the mantra of multiculturalism.

    Henry Lee, a personal friend of Washington’s, eulogized him as “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen, he was second to none.” In 1860, President James Buchanan forecast, “... when the birthday of Washington shall be forgotten, liberty will have perished from the earth.”

    Indeed, it is a pathetic commentary that UC Riverside, among many campuses, chooses to let Washington’s Birthday pass without ceremony, while rightfully honoring Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez on their occasions. The College Republicans plan to change this course, and will honor Washington on Wednesday March 1. We invite all students to join us in commemorating the Father of Our Country, Abraham Lincoln, and another February-born President, Ronald Wilson Reagan by watching “In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed.” It will be shown in Olmsted 1208 from 7-9 PM.


    Wednesday 03.01.2006 • 08:15 AM

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    Vanity Over Responsibility


    Democrat Foolishness

    NV Dem Skips Hurricane Katrina Vote To Have Neck Lift
    Mon Feb 27 2006 09:39:45 ET

    Skipping last fall’s vote on the Hurricane Katrina relief bill in order to get plastic surgery was worth it, says Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.), who loves her new look, ROLL CALL reports.

    “For the last couple of years whenever I was on TV all I could do was look at my neck,” Berkley said in a recent online audio interview. “It was driving me crazy because my neck was starting to hang ... and it was making me very self conscious.’”

    Now, she joked in an interview with hosts of the Vegas-centric podcast show “The Strip,” “I have the neck of a 20-year-old and a 50-year-old body.” Until the Feb. 16 program, Berkley hadn’t said much about missing the September vote on the Katrina relief bill due to her nip-and-tuck job.

    Berkley, 55, told the show’s co-hosts, Steve Friess and Miles Smith, “I decided that it was going to be very hard to hide and I’m a very public person.” And let’s face it, she said, that brilliant plastic surgeon “turned back the clock 10 years.”

    Friess cracked Berkley up when he asked whether she thinks she’ll get more votes with her youthful, thinner neck. She laughed and said, “The 20-somethings! Maybe this will get them out to vote.”

    The party of Hollywood is living up to their name.  Instead of focusing on the largest financial natural disaster in our history, Berkley was tucking in the turkey neck.

    Monday 02.27.2006 • 09:22 AM

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    So When Was It Decided That Only Blacks Can Be Athletes?

    Bryant Gumbel of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel made the following statement

    “Finally, tonight, the Winter Games. Count me among those who don’t like them and won’t watch them ... Because they’re so trying, maybe over the next three weeks we should all try too. Like, try not to be incredulous when someone attempts to link these games to those of the ancient Greeks who never heard of skating or skiing. So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention, . Try not to point out that something’s not really a sport if a pseudo-athlete waits in what’s called a kiss-and-cry area, while some panel of subjective judges decides who won ... So if only to hasten the arrival of the day they’re done, when we can move on to March Madness — for God’s sake, let the games begin.”

    Now I will say that I am not sure that skating is a sport - though my wife will kill me for saying that.  But for him to make these outrageous comments. 

    What about linking cycling, shooting, rowing, high jump or about 75% of the Summer Games to Greek games. 

    Oh and of course, I didn’t think I needed to point out the obvious jab at the GOP.  Next week when I am enjoying a cigar with my friends from CBRC (also known as the California BLACK Republican Council) at the CRP convention I will have to let them know that they must not actually be there and I am imagining things.  Because Gumbel said that there is “a paucity of blacks” at the convention and the large group sitting with me couldn’t possibly be black.

    Gumbel - you’re a freaking journalist.  Do some research before talking about of you a@$!

    Read more about it here

    Thursday 02.16.2006 • 12:12 PM

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    Is There Something On the Wharf That Just Makes People Stupid?

    Expose The Left has a story about San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, who on Hannity and Colmes last night said “I don’t think we should have a military...we would be in better shape...imagine an America that does not have a military...”

    AT ALL.

    He suggests using the “COPS” to protect the U.S.

    This is the same man who voted against docking the U.S.S. Iowa in San Francisco. 

    You have to watch the video here.

    Who would protect his sorry ass if foreign invaders attacked us?  While I can’t agree with it, I can understand someone being against a war like Iraq...well maybe not understand, but you get the point.

    But what he is suggesting is plain STUPID.

    Citizens of San Francisco, what the hell were you thinking when you elected this guy?  I know you are out there, but come on.

    I honestly can’t even write on this because I am floored.  Visit Expose the Left and read about the lunacy.

    Wednesday 02.15.2006 • 11:43 PM

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    Parents' Right To Know and Child Protection Initiative

    In California, if your daughter is under 18:

    She can’t get a flu shot, or go on a school field trip, or have her tooth pulled without her parents’ permission. 

    Yet, her boyfriend or a school employee can take your 12 year old daughter to an abortionish who can perform a SURGICAL OR CHEMICAL ABORTION on her without you even knowing.

    HELP PARENTS PROTECT THEIR DAUGHTERS by promoting the Parents’ Right To Know and Child Protection ballot initiative.  This initiative will require a doctor to notify at least one parent 48 hours before a surgical or chemical abortion is performed on their minor daughter.


    To HELP GATHER SIGNATURES or to VOLUNTEER for the Parents’ Right To Know Campaign or for more information and campaign materials:

    Go to, or email or call toll-free 866-828-8355.

    Wednesday 02.15.2006 • 11:26 PM

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    Civil Rights and the Party Of Lincoln

    In celebration of Black History Month, there are a few things that I want to remind people of.  These items represent one of the reasons I am proud to call myself a Republican.

    To stop the Democrats’ pro-slavery agenda, anti-slavery activist founded the Republican Party, starting with a few dozen men and women in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854

    In 1860, Republicans swept to victory in the White House and won majorities in both houses of Congress. Just six years after the party’s founding, the Governor of every Northern state in America was Republican.

    Despite Fierce Democrat opposition, Republicans passed constitutional amendments banning slavery, extending the Bill of Rights to the states, guaranteeing equal protection of the laws and due process to all citizens, and extending the right to vote to persons of all races and backgrounds.

    Republicans enacted the first Civil Rights act.

    Republicans led the fight for women’s rights, and most suffragists were Republicans. Susan B. Anthony was Republican (voted a Republican ticket illegally in 1872) as were co-founders of the NCAAP Ida Wells and Marry Terrell.

    A Republican, Aaron Sargent wrote the women’s suffrage amendment in 1878.

    Democrats who bitterly opposed equality for blacks founded the Ku Klux Klan.

    Every African American in Congress until 1935 was Republican.

    The first Black House Representative, Black Senator and Black Governor were all Republicans.

    The First Hispanic Governor of California was Republican.

    Brown vs. Board of Education was written by Chief Justice Earl Warren, a Republican.

    The first African American (J.C Watts) to hold a leadership position in the house was a Republican.

    Republicans overrode the Democratic President Andrew Johnson veto granting voting rights to African Americans in D.C.

    On February 3, 1870 Republicans voted 98% for while Democrats voted 97% against the 15th Amendment granting voting rights to all Americans regardless of race.

    Republican federal judge Frank Johnson authorizes Martin Luther King’s protest march from Selma to Montgomery, overruling Democrat Governor George Wallace.

    Republican President Richard Nixon makes Rear Admiral Samuel Gravely the first African-American to achieve Flag Rank in the U.S Navy.
    Booker T. Washington was a Republican.

    Henry Flipper, the first African American to graduate from West Point was nominated by Republican Representative James Freeman.

    The nations first African-American Lt. Governor Oscar Dunn (who was once a slave) was Republican.

    President Reagan promoted the nation’s first African American Four Star General, Roscoe Robinson.

    Republican Justice Department official Joan Doar escorted James Meridith to register as the first African-American student at the University of Mississippi (in defiance of Democrat Governor Ross Barnett).

    Republican George H.W Bush appointed the first Hispanic Surgeon General.

    Jackie Robinson was a Republican.

    President Ronald Reagan made Martin Luther King’s birthday a national holiday.

    Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy both voted Republican.

    The first and second African-American Secretaries of State (Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice), were nominated by Republican President George W. Bush.

    Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

    Which Party is the real Party for minorities?

    some information obtained through the Republican Freedom Calendar.  Originally posted 2/05/05

    Tuesday 02.07.2006 • 09:19 AM

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    Rally Against Islamofascism Day


    Anti-UAC Protesters at Ground Zero protesting the UAC’s Rally Against Islamofascism
    Feb 1st 2006 Rally Against Islamofascism Day - New York

    This past Wednesday February 1st was the national Rally Against Islamofascism Day (The acronym; R.A.I.D.) sponsored by the United American Committee. Everyone is pleased to say that it was a huge success. Twenty-one rallies were held across the nation to stand up and confront Islamic extremism. People all over who happened to come across a rally were amazed to find that they were not alone in their beliefs and concerns about the Islamic extremist threat. That was the goal of the rallies, to encourage those concerned citizens to stand up and take
    action, and to awaken the nation to the threats we all face.

    One of the R.A.I.D. rallies was at ground zero, the most holy site in the United States. An account
    from a UAC activist who was present at the rally, describes the scene in New York;

    “At the rally, there was a precious elderly Iranian Wall St. trader named Cyrus and I was trying to discern where this man’s heart and motive was...We chanted Democrats & Republicans its time to unite, No to Islamicfascism! No to Sharia Law in America!” Says Chaplain Desiree, a 9/11 family member.

    “When we began to declare this, the Iranian man Cyrus said, ‘No Shira Law anywhere!’ I felt he was sincere, time will tell” she says, stressing how we must encourage Muslims in the world to reform, and embrace democratic ideals.

    “We sang patriotic songs...We went on to sing Grand Old Flag when suddenly an [Islamofascist]
    protester across the street began to chant...’Yes that is your God...Your flag.’ We then shouted back...’There is truth in what you say...the name of our God, JEHOVAH...His banner over us is LOVE, NOT JIHAD!” This outraged the Islamofascist protesters who had gathered across the street. “The one Muslim who was yelling then pulled out his ‘jihad scarf’ and put it on...One Muslim extremist had a sign that really got us upset. It was the picture of our White House with the Islamic flag waving above it...below the picture it read ‘ISLAM WILL DOMINATE’.” This made the UAC members very angry, “They [the Islamofascist protesters] began to lift their voices in Arabic and we all lifted our voices singing GOD BLESS AMERICA.” Chaplain Desiree said in her account.

    Overall, the rallies were all a great success. We had excellent speakers at the Los Angeles rally and were joined by a diverse crowd of people from many different communities. The other rallies across the nation all reported very positive results. This is truly a remarkable time in American history, when the people are standing up at the grassroots level to confront an enemy so great, an enemy which threatens our very way of life.

    This report was written and provided by the United American Committee.  For more information please contact them at .  To help with this cause, Contributions to the UAC can be made at:

    United American Committee
    P.O. Box 3301
    Burbank, CA 91508

    Friday 02.03.2006 • 07:22 AM

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    The NAACP Needs Some Serious Leadership Change


    It’s one thing to disagree and to even challenge, but Julian Bond once again showed that he should have no leadership role in anything.

    Apparantly, I am Nazi and so is every other GOP party member.  Or am I just a token.

    How do you reach this level as such an idiot? 

    Read about it on WND here.

    Thursday 02.02.2006 • 11:17 PM

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    Before You Build

    I just got ripped off and am having to sue for a licensed contractor who used unskilled workers.  Before you build read the following

    SACRAMENTO—The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is warning consumers about the dangers of hiring unlicensed contractors following a successful sting in Murrieta. CSLB’s Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT), with help from the Murrieta Police Department, conducted the undercover operation to underscore the fact that illegal contractors are working in Riverside County.

    SWIFT investigators stung a total of 14 unlicensed contractors in the operation that took place yesterday (Thursday). The charges they face in Riverside County Superior Court range from contracting without a license to advertising and contract violations.

    Undercover stings are held several times a month up and down the State. Their objective is to level the playing field for licensed contractors competing in the local business area, and to protect consumers from fraud and scam artists. One of the unlicensed people who showed up at the sting house and gave an $8,000 estimate for tile work mentioned to undercover investigators that he heard on the news that “guys are doing stings down in San Diego and arresting people for contracting without a license.” The investigators explained that the current sting was taking place in Murrieta as they handcuffed and arrested him.

    “Operations like this give us a chance to educate both homeowners and would-be contractors,” said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands. “Unlicensed contractors hurt the economy and pose a serious liability for the people who hire them.” Each unlicensed operator is given a contractor’s license application and the message to “get a license” before they go after home improvement jobs again. A first violation could result in a maximum six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. A second offense carries a mandatory 90-day jail sentence.

    The SWIFT investigators identified potential suspects from advertisements, business card handouts and tips from licensed contractors. They invited the suspected unlicensed operators to a house near Glen Arbor Park where they bid on projects that included painting, concrete work and tiling. The sting house was volunteered by a person who had been victimized by an unlicensed contractor. When the operators gave a bid over California’s legal limit for contracting without a license ($500 in labor and materials), they were arrested and cited. The Murrieta Police Department was on-hand for backup and to see if any of the suspects had arrests warrants or any other problem.

    Because they often pay their workers in cash and do not provide workers’ compensation insurance, unlicensed contractors often submit lower bids on jobs. But, if a worker is injured, the homeowner could be considered liable. Plus, if a deal goes bad with an unlicensed contractor, the homeowner has very few options.

    Before hiring a contractor, homeowners should go online or call CSLB’s automated phone system to see if a contractor has a valid license. They can also check out the contractor’s license history and get bond and personnel information.

    The CSLB urges consumers to follow these tips when dealing with a building contractor:

    * Hire only licensed contractors and ask to see the license.

    * Don’t rush into decisions and don’t hire the first contractor who comes along.

    * Be especially hesitant when approached by someone offering home improvement services door-to-door, especially when they will use material they claim is left over from another job

    * Verify the contractor’s license by checking online at or via CSLB’s automated phone service at 1-800-321-CSLB (2752)

    * Don’t pay more than 10% down or $1,000, whichever is less

    * Don’t pay cash, and don’t let the payments get ahead of the work

    * Get three bids, check references, and get a written contract

    * Contact the CSLB if you have a complaint against a contractor

    The Contractors State License Board operates under the umbrella of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. The CSLB licenses and regulates California’s 292,000 contractors, and investigates more than 20,000 complaints against contractors annually.


    Friday 01.27.2006 • 08:58 AM

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    ACLU Protecting One Terrorist At aTime

    Leave it up to the ACLU to protect a terrorism promoting scholar’s right to come to this country.

    Read about it here


    Thursday 01.26.2006 • 09:40 AM

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    Send Your Student To Johnnie Cochran Elementary

    You too can have your child grow up and learn how to defend killers by throwing out racial slurs and crazy fantasy like conspiracies.  Cochran was an effective lawyer because he failed to maintain the ethical standards of his profession.  He effectively would use shock tactics to coerce jurors.  It wasn’t a matter of acquiting a suspect because he didn’t do the crime, it was acquiting them because they are victims of society.

    Either way the foolish Los Angeles School board has chosen to name a school after him. 

    Maybe we can find another school to name after Ramsey Clark.

    Thursday 01.26.2006 • 09:33 AM

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